Maree’s Profile

Maree Thomas

Maree coaches and supports her clients through a range of intuitive healing practices.  She is fully qualified in teaching life skills, meditation, spiritual healing and yoga.  For over 20 years she has trained with many renowned international leaders and masters.

She guides you to bring balance, harmony, inner freedom and success to all areas of your life through being true to your heart.

Leading by example, Maree demonstrates that being true to your heart brings great joy to life both at work and at play.  She spent 35 years in the dynamic corporate world of finance and property.  During that time she experienced the benefits of following her heart, she studied and practiced a number of Stress management & healing techniques which gave her the balance to become one of the leaders in her industry.

She realised that following a path of increased inner awareness was essential to maintaining her success, joy, peace, harmony and happiness. Maree has now dedicated her life to pursue her passion to guide people to create sanctuary in their own lives.

Maree offers courses for individuals, groups and corporates. She works with all levels of the community to help bring the magic back into the world.

She does that through programs including:

  • Success Coaching – one on one or groups
  • Meditation
  • Magic of Wealth
  • Soul Coaching
  • Chakra & Aura Balancing
  • Workshops and Retreats

Ensuring a life balance has been a major key to Maree’s success in fulfilling her business and personal dreams. With her help, you too can be stronger and more resilient and achieve your heart’s desire. Let her guide you in creating your success through heart-felt collaboration on a genuine path to self-fulfilment.