Bestow energy and vitality on your skin, so it glows with good health!

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This certified organic Australian-made vegan skin care range includes a sophisticated array of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids reflecting our nutritional natural skin care approach; nourishing the skin is as important as eating healthy, fresh organic food. Holistic organic skin care also promotes the right action regarding environmental sustainability, respect for animals, fair trade and optimum energy for radiant wellbeing.

These days there are many claims that skin care is organic, pure, free from animal testing and environmentally friendly.

We have made it our business to make our skin care range worthy of such claims, and have substantiated them with approval from the relevant organic certifying agents.

Pure and effective Australian made skin care products are used and endorsed by beauty and health professionals in a variety of healing modalities from cultures around the world.

Synthesis 345 skin care expresses a celebration of the beauty of the heart as well as a responsibility for the sacred gift of life. They meet all the requirements of organic purity and environmental care as well as being made from the most precious and effective of natural ingredients to promote healthy skin and a healthy world – for radiant wellbeing.”