Meditation Classes


Beginner’s Course

The beginner’s course provides an understanding of how meditation works and provides simple meditation techniques and practices. During the course you will learn how to keep yourself centred and balanced.

You’ll also learn deep relaxation methods and practices to deal with daily stresses.

You will discover which meditation practices work best for you and tailor them to meet your individual needs.
The course includes:

  • Principles of meditation
  • Guided meditations
  • Establishing regular meditation practice
  • Candle meditation
  • Contemplation meditation
  • Loving yourself and others
  • Dealing with stressful situations
  • Discussion and question time

The course comprises weekly two-hour evening sessions for four weeks with daily practice homework.

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Intermediate Course

The intermediate course is designed to deepen your practice. It draws on and reinforces materials covered in the basic course, introduces you to additional techniques, encourages you to become proficient with longer meditations, and aims to free you from dependence upon a meditation teacher.

We will explore the skills of meditation in greater depth and look at more advanced aspects of meditation such as stillness, awareness and insight.
The course includes:

  • Mastering stressful situations
  • Accessing your creativity
  • Discovering energy systems of the body
  • Creating confidence and trust in self and others
  • Progress from limited thinking to unlimited thinking.

The course comprises weekly two-hour evening sessions for six weeks with daily practice and homework.

For corporations we can focus on team development, health and creativity.

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Advanced Course

The advanced course is for the serious student who wants to access the deepest level of their being.

You will already be aware that you are not just a physical being. This deep meditation series will help you experience your true identity and master advanced meditation practices.
The course includes:

  • Expanding your awareness
  • Creating your reality
  • The power of Intention
  • Knowing yourself from the inside out
  • Trusting your inner guidance
  • Being open to all possibilities
  • Accessing your energy centres
  • Accessing your special gifts
  • Understanding your energy bodies
  • Trust and surrender
  • Accepting higher levels of responsibility
  • Experiencing gratitude

The course comprises weekly two-hour evening sessions for six weeks with daily practice and homework.

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