Bali Retreats

Bali Retreat

Integrating Mind, Body and Heart

In our busy lives we can easily lose sight of our passion and connection to the world around us. Over time our mind has been conditioned to strive for success, material gain and even a sense of power which can lead to a feeling of disconnection, separation and unbalance. Only by reconnecting with our world in its entire form can we truly gain success in every aspect of our life.

Whether you want to truly immerse yourself or take what you need, your decision to join Maree Thomas on this spiritually uplifting journey of transformation will enable you to see your life and all its aspects in a new light.

Whatever your beliefs, religion or spiritual practice, a Bali retreat with Maree offers you something unique, an opportunity to share part of the journey with others, to learn and refresh your energies, enabling you to start to live your life to the fullest, in a loving and purposeful way.

Allow your Mind, Body and Soul to be renewed, restored and rebalanced in Ubud on the magical island of Bali.

Through daily meditation, yoga, aura and chakra cleansing, spiritual guidance and healing you will experience energy shifts to transform and profoundly enlighten you. There will be chanting at the ashrams and there you will receive the blessings from the Guru who can transform darkness into light and highly awaken your Divine Self. You will visit places mostly unknown to westerners and receive the blessings that come from these visits.

Maree’s style of energy healing is non-invasive, using a variety of techniques to clear and align the energy bodies and chakra system. This will free blockages and enable the vital Life force to flow more freely through the body, activating increased vitality, health and well-being.

Once the realisation dawns that we are all connected and beautiful in our diversity, there is no turning back. As you bathe in sacred pools of holy water, visit temples, receive blessings from the Guru and participate in Balinese cultural ceremonies, you will feel the Divine within you.

Imagine you are an explorer as you travel deep within yourself. There will be amazing revelations and different paths and tracks to explore. Part of your mystical journey is to clear these paths, so at the end of the journey lightness and joy become part of your daily experience. Enjoy the companionship of others on the path, practicing yoga in paradise, you are bound to have a lasting and soul-stirring experience. In this playfulness we discover our life force, our authenticity, our passion and our reason for being.

In addition you can shop till you drop and be tempted by exotic and delicious local cuisines. Be supremely pampered with luxurious organic facials and massages which only the Balinese can provide. In this tranquil setting, you will connect with your authentic self in a nurturing and magical environment.

It’s time to exchange city life for tranquillity – Step into a world beyond your experience.


“No one was restricted, controlled or judged. I felt free to express myself as did everyone. Maree gave us such safety and magical guidance to explore deep into ourselves with forgiveness and joy.” Diane

“My love and compassion for my family and friends seems to have trebled since I have returned….the time in the ashram was undeniably life changing on so many levels. Maree created an amazing spiritual adventure.” Geneve

“Every day we rose at the break of dawn to attend yoga and meditation classes which ended with exquisite blessings. Slowly our bodies, minds and souls began to unravel. Each of us opening like the petals of a temple lotus flow in a tranquil pond… Each of us had life-changing experiences and were eager to return to our lives with a new-found perspective. Thank you Maree for an unforgettable experience.” Mara