“When I think of truly consummate, passionate and dynamic presenters who
deliver truly remarkable results that change people’s lives, I think of Maree
Thomas. She has a level of energy, authenticity and love for life that is a gift to
be around. She is an exceptional human being!”

Allan Parker: Managing Director Peak Performance Development
Adjunct Professor (Dispute Resolution) College of Law and Business
University of Western Sydney

“Maree’s positive attitude is contagious, turning even the most seasoned cynics
into believing that magic does exist if you are prepared to look for it”.

Mr John Roca, Director at Lexus

“Maree’s contribution to our recent sales conference was simply sensational.
Her material, together with her inspiring personality and her ability to read
her audience, added immense value to our team in defining and achieving
their goals in life.”

Mr Dom Lyone Managing Director,

“Maree is a passionate, fearless communicator with a clear intent
to positively impact the world one person at a time.

Mr Maurice Goldberg

“The Magic of Meditation is exactly what I needed to calm my busy brain
and jagged nerves. Maree calmly and expertly guided our group through
the 4 week course restoring in me and every one of us a sense of wellbeing
and connectedness.”

Carolyn Corrigan, RN Senior Clinical Trial Co-ordinator
Heart Lung Transplant Unit St Vincent’s Hospital

“Meditation with Magic Maree is truly a life-changing experience; she would be
one of Sydney’s best meditation facilitators. Maree really understands everyone’s
needs on a personal level and allows them to express themselves. She teaches
a variety of techniques so you can choose what is best for you. I always feel so
much calmer after a mediation session with Maree.”

Linda Jones, Principal Recruit Direct

“Maree is extraordinarily generous with her time and endeavours to always give
of her very best. Her knowledge is extensive on a wide range of subjects, highlighted
by the overwhelming success of her courses. Maree has enormous integrity and
applies this with great love and kindness to all of us.

What I have learned from attending the Meditation Courses run by Maree Thomas
is to take time out for myself. To allow myself to clear my busy mind, which has
now become part of my daily life experience. There are other numerous meditation
techniques, however, what makes Maree special is her personal touch that she
shares with all of us and for this I am truly grateful.”

With great love,
Lindsay Hewish

“I renewed my focus and direction. I saw more options in my life, and felt more
centred. I will utilise meditation to direct the way I live and the approach I take.”

Delphine Kuiken

“The benefits I gained from Marees mediation was firstly and most importantly
peace. I will use it to calm and nurture myself, so I can give more to others.
I’m making decisions easier now, dealing with stressful situations better,
smiling more, singing my way through the day!”

Sharon Smith

“Maree taught me how to manage stress and allow stillness into my life.
I am calmer, more centred, happier. The environment was beautiful and
I felt safe and re-energised.”

Joanne King

“I will utilise meditation at work, particularly when in stressful experiences.
I can also now heal emotional wounds. Decision making is now a lot easier
than ever before. I am much more relaxed, it has helped me to get over an
emotionally hard time.”

Natalie Causley

“I broke negative beliefs about my relationship with money.
I feel more confident and feel more positive about approaching financial
issues and the future.”

James Kennedy

“I gained confidence about getting my finances together. I will use this to start
taking steps and be more disciplined and keep agreements with myself.”

Merte Sorensen

“I changed my belief that I can attain financial independence.
I have more confidence and have a plan. I know what order I need
to do things in to become debt-free.”

Shirley Delarue